Windows (by Tim Cheneval)
A Lost Thought (by Tim Cheneval)
Mountains and the stuff they are made of. (by Tim Cheneval)
Painter Basin at sunrise. We were lucky to wake up to solid weather, and this became my only good view of the basin we were camped in for the night. A quick breakfast watching the sun come up, and off to summit the peak. 
(by Tim Cheneval)
The Provo River - Heber Utah (by Tim Cheneval)
A brief reprieve from unpredictable and hasty weather in the High Uintas. Felt very blessed to get a chance to sit in the sun in the vast valley below these intimidating ridge lines. You get an accurate sense of how small you are when the shadows from the mountains loom over you.

(by Tim Cheneval)
Surviving the night in the High Uintas (by Tim Cheneval)
The Eternal Wave (by Tim Cheneval)
My Life in a Bag (by Tim Cheneval)
The Ceiling of Utah - Kings Peak (by Tim Cheneval)